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Menard Authent Cream / 幹細胞護膚乳霜

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Menard Authent Cream / 幹細胞護膚乳霜

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Stem cells are able to generate new dermal and epidermal cells, and newly produced cell vigorously synthesize collagen and moisturizing components in your skin.
50g x 1
7g x 1



A multi-function cream with a composite effect on skin that develops various problems with age. The moment you apply AUTHENT CREAM to your skin, you can experience a sensational feel. The cream gently spreads over every part of your skin and leads to clear supple skin. Your skin is covered with a fine-textured veil of the cream, just like new skin. As time passes, your skin approaches a bright future. AUTHENT CREAM provides the skin around the eyes and mouth with a velvet smoothness. A moist, supple and fine-textured skin ensuring a beautiful makeup finish is now yours. The feel of comfort changes on the skin moment by moment, something you will have never experienced, as this rich cream smoothly spreads over the skin. It is absorbed into the skin surface like it is melting, and you can feel as if the cream is becoming one with the skin. The fragrance of AUTHENT CREAM is produced from quality natural essential oil of roses, orange flowers, and violets blended with ambrette seed oil*, and full of femininity. Ambrette seed oil: Natural essential oil extracted from the seeds of a plant called Abelmoschus moschatus, a kind of hibiscus. 集合50年的護膚智慧及尖端幹細胞護膚科技,能綜合改善因年齡引起的肌膚問題,持續使用可再生年輕肌膚,策劃完美肌膚之誕生。以“西洋櫻桃”、“膨大海”和“紫麥”三種珍貴稀有的「種子」為主要成分,增加肌膚幹細胞數量同時促進表皮和真皮的再生功能。加上利用首創“Smooth Performance Emulsion” 乳化科技,令乳霜質感無比舒適柔滑,能迅速與肌膚融為一體,為肌膚帶來最高滋潤效果。

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