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The History of Whoo GONGJINHYANG QI & JIN ESSENCE / 拱辰享氣津精華

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The History of Whoo GONGJINHYANG QI & JIN ESSENCE / 拱辰享氣津精華

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Suitable for all skin types
Contains Gongjin Bidan, which provides firmness and nourishment to your skin
Effect maximized when used with other The History of Whoo's products



Korean label The History of Whoo is trusted for their traditional ingredients and modern technology, which rejuvenates your skin from within to keep you fresh and radiant. The Gongjinhyang Qi and Jin essence formula contains oriental richness that nourish your skin and tighten it from the core, bringing back the original glow to your face. 質地輕薄,含特別自主研製的拱辰丹,沉香提取物,山參冬蟲夏草以及天然橄欖油,能夠促進乳液及其它護膚產品更好的被肌膚吸收,提升使用效果。出眾的高保濕彈力效果,讓肌膚更加細緻光滑,提升肌膚自生能力。

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