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Whoo Bichup Ja Saeng Essence / 秘貼再生精華

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Whoo Bichup Ja Saeng Essence / 秘貼再生精華

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Size: 45ml
All skin types
Serum base
The three court secret compounds: "Gongjinbidan", "Kyungokbidan", and "Chungsimbidan"
Moisturize and improves elasticity for better skin complexion
Diminishes the appearances of wrinkles

秘貼自生精華是再生皮膚,解決各種皮膚問題的喔後之代表精華。 富含皮膚自生的基本藥物飛紫河丹以及珍貴奢華的宮廷三大秘方:拱辰丹、硬玉丹、清心丹等成分。每天使用秘貼自生精華連續3週以上,將會得到再生皮膚、改善皮膚皺紋、超保濕、加強皮膚彈性、使容顏紅潤清雅之功效


This Bichup Ja Saeng Essence is a signature serum from The History of Whoo. Containing three secret noble processes from the Royal court, it enables skin to self-strengthen against environmental damage, enhances the skin's self-healing ability and combats facial lines and wrinkles. 特含宮廷御用秘方—“拱辰秘丹”、“瓊玉秘丹”及“清心秘丹”成分,特以“紫河秘丹”培養,從根本上改善肌膚問題,恢復肌膚自生能力。只需一瓶便能喚起肌膚自我認知,深度挖掘並重塑肌膚自生能力,全方位解決乾燥、皺紋、鬆弛、暗沉等多種問題,修護肌膚生命力,強化肌膚的自身修護及自身循環功效,令肌膚恢復嬰兒般新生狀態。

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