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The History of Whoo Hwanyu Ampoule Set / 還幼寶液

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The History of Whoo Hwanyu Ampoule Set / 還幼寶液

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Strong ampoule containing concentrated essence of 30 years old Natural Wild Ginseng which strengthens the energy of skin with the full vitality.

1 、還幼寶液精華: 40ml
2 、還幼膏: 4ml
3 、還幼眼霜: 4ml
4 、還幼精華: 7ml
5 、天氣丹水: 25ml
6 、天氣丹乳液: 25ml
7 、天氣丹面霜: 10ml
8 、天氣丹眼霜: 5ml
9 、天氣丹洗面奶: 50ml
10 、天氣丹精華: 8ml
11 、山養參精油: 5ml
12、黃金安瓶精油: 5ml


Hwanyu Signature Ampoule contains highly enriched 4 Gun ingredients that are key ingredients of Hwanyu for extremely tired skin due to stress and skin aging caused by off-balance of yin and yang energy of skin.In particular, it makes ideal skin energy and skin essence containing highly concentrated natural wild ginseng wholly from its root to leaves as Hwanyu's highly enriched ampoule. It also mitigates fast skin aging and helps to solve different skin problems comprehensively. After balance at basic skin care, pump this ampoule a little amount and gently spread over forehead, both cheeks and chin. Massage with three fingertips for absorption. Recommend to use intensively when concerned about skin to maximize efficacy of the ampoule. 蘊含已生長30多年以上之天然山蔘,只在每年陽氣最旺的五月-九月採頡,透過whoo后獨有的韓方炮制法百蒸古法 (是以在皇宮中所使用的藍色瓷器將山蔘全草熬制100小時制成丸狀,可防止突然的熱度造成養份流失, 可原原本本保留住成分的韓方炮制法),完美蘊含貴中之貴的韓方成分山蔘全草為肌膚補充所消耗的能量。 完成基礎保養程序後,稍微按壓安瓶,然後輕柔地在额頭、臉頰、下巴等部分均匀塗抹。 用手指輕柔按摩,促進肌膚吸收。

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